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If you have tumblr please link here :)…

and before i know it I'll be turning 40 with deep set wrinkles.
i hate birthdays.

god help me.
Grand opening of my new site! Its my small business i have started

Plz check out!

follow and i'll follow back :)
I am so ecstatic, I'm getting the canon 5D mark 2.

It's basically my dream camera apart from the hassleblad ofc.

Only problem is I'm not sure what lens to get with it, I'm thinking 50mm f/1.4!

Please feel free to ask questions!
Buy if you like, and watch the blog aswell as i'll be gving away freebies!
I don't really understand the social workings of deviantart. I see some amazing artists that just get no comments but have been around for 3/4 years. Then i see some artists who have been round for 2/3 months that also have amazing work getting 300 faves.
Is this by chance, or is because they have connections?

Also another thing i've realised a lot of artists who have found new fame, seem to be cold to other artists starting out. Not really sure why this happens but i've noticed it :/

Anyways what are your thoughts on this?
So i'm so excited exams are finishing in 1 week. Then im ready to get set up to start at Central St Martins.
I am looking for flats in London now, hopefilly i'll move in august some time.

I can;t wait!

Also if anyone lives in London and is looking for some free photo shoots, please feel free to message. I just want to meet new people, and take lots and lots of photos!
plz follow and comment

im gonna post more regularly, it's basically about my work, probably have little videos of me drawing and painting and work in progresses, and my photos etc
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hell yes, bring it on!

oh and blog:
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oh tumblr how i love you, however i can't get a header image up i tried ut it failed to work in safari. :(

also please help me with a domain name, i need it for my art & photography, as a showcase
i was thinking

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I always seen teen photographers, teen writers but nothing for teenage traditional and graphic designers.

So here is a chat room for anyone from the age of 14-25 that has an interest in traditional art!

Please join :)…
Its called…

I always see things for photographers, poets, writers and always aimed at the older people!

Well heres one for us teens!
YAY join, talk, make friends :heart:
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Haze/Mist, feature in many photographs nowadays. Whether it be Landscapes, Fashion, Portraits or General Objects

Here are a few of the best misty images, in my opinion.

:thumb104661709: Ballet III by Alcholado The Mourning by NickChao
Longing of a ghost by brightsoul Where the lost ones go by annikenhannevik :thumb102811380:
everlong by guzh Misty mornings by moijra
My White Christmas by zemotion :thumb107506384: :thumb104568446:
Dance With Me by JeanFan windy soul by Bumle l'autre valse d'Amelie by aparatka
:thumb103834384: Movements between the silence by vampire-zombie I Against I by EiMoOo
Kissing the Lipless by CameraDude Thirteen Degrees by girltripped Daniela. by RobbyP

Fog by Eredel .::Happy Holidays::. by onixa :thumb91447523:
CCXLIV. the fog IX. by behherit bordeaux 10 by sweet-tropic Mysterious winter by KariLiimatainen
CCXLV. the fog X. by behherit Resting After Storm by soulofautumn87 Mist by leenik
San Gimignano by Jez92 the old man and his dog by julie-rc :thumb82987244:
misty river by KariLiimatainen Im Telling You A Story... by DREAMCA7CHER A Fog Over Knife River by intao
In from the storm by DavideDeDomenico nothing ii by PatriciaD morning fog by donk00085

:thumb107669285: In the fog by marklarka The Missing by McKenzie-James
windows blues by alunaticloner fog by koksuel Blue drops by khizzle
:thumb80580509: Homespun 2560x1600 by hermik in beautiful september.. by Preludium
Merry xmas to all!

And What did everyone get?
Hope everyone got everything they wanted <33
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I received an IMAC for my birthday, a 24" beautyyy.
3.6ghz, 4GB of ram , and 1TB of hardrive,


Only thing is now i need to get used to this, it is sooo weird in comparison to windows!
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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2008, 1:12 PM
Vote for my pic in JPG Mag!

Also some self promotion, before my sub runs out :(
dew drops by girlmarvel necrosis by girlmarvel raindrops by girlmarvel


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Subscription ...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2008, 9:36 AM
Nearly over again, so here is a feature:
Nature in Squares <3

November by valeriemonthuit Nine by sourcow Wind Sails On Cool Bays by P0RG
Colors of spring by incredi :thumb104265782: In the rose garden by estellamestella
sweet blush by AlicjaRodzik creamy drop. by simoendli fresh by maticgolob
Sucha Flora I by fo0losophy :thumb105022267: Lullaby by SweetChica19
:thumb104872044: :thumb105029469:

yummy :heart:


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Racist Attack

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2008, 12:33 PM
Today was pretty shit got attacked by a bunch of ignorant racists.
Told me to go home to where I came from, called me a "F*** PAKI" and other insults, threw rocks at me. Threw a lit cigarette at my friend and burnt her. What was worse that onlookers did nothing, just stared.

Why are there such idiots in the world?


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